Gabroo is a whimsical, semi-musical story of an entire community told through the eyes of two first generation Sikh-American teenagers.


Monty and Sunny are talented high school kids are trying to break into the big bad world of internet V-logging. Monty tries to come up with unique ideas to put on his YouTube page but struggles with his identity as he gets constantly bullied for his body hair. Tired of constantly being called “Chewbacca” and “George “Bush”” leaves him torn between a choice of following faith or give in to the identity struggle of adolescence.


"Gabroo" is a punjabi term for a young soul. The Film is a coming of age comical story with a heart at its epicenter. It borrows from my own experiences of juggling native identity and appeals to the first-generation immigrant experience. As Indian origin artists working in the US, our goal is to highlight the distinct struggle of a demographic less seen on screen. Through this effort, we wish to bring the Sikh-American story and identity to the forefront.